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Jeff Jia (贾克), renowned Chinese painter living in America, was born in Qingdao, Shandong. He primarily focuses on Asian Claborate-style Painting about traditional landscape and animal-themed paintings, especially tiger and lion. 

Jia's family produced three generations of creative painters. Being an admirer of his family, Jeff started to learn western painting skills at an early age with his father, Mr. Jia Qingqing, and his elder brother, Mr. Jia Bo, who are both top tier Chinese oil painters. As his interest grew, he learned Chinese painting with Mr. Sun Guofeng, Mr. Zhang Fushan and Mr. Liu Donglun for years; meanwhile he studied tiger-themed Chinese painting with artist Mr. Wang Jiahui, Hu ShuangAn and Mu Lingfei. 

Jeff was graduated from the fine arts department of Qingdao Technical College. After that he engaged in advanced studies from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Beijing Film Academy. Since 1975, Jeff attended many art contests, exhibitions, and ceremonies in many countries and districts, where he got plenty of recognitions and rewards. He held his first exhibitions of personal artworks about facial makeup of Beijing Opera in 1991. As an artist of 1994 Singapore-Chinese Culture Exchange program, Jeff’s painting Lodge in Deep Mountain was collected on Singapore’s auction. One of his another paintings, Five Tigers, was officially showcased in Korean Jeungpyeong Folk Museum’s exhibition.

As a Top One Hundred Contemporary Chinese Painter, currently Jeff is a member of China (Shandong) Artists Association, member of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, art committee member of China Public Relations Association and member of Chinese film TV artists association.

Jeff Jia - Artist

"We are always looking for the balance point of life. As a painter, I paint what I am.” 

-- Jeff Jia
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